Meet Chaz Dheer

Scope Legal - Chaz Dheer

“Being a good lawyer is all about building that personal connection. The technical stuff is a given… that’s not what a really good lawyer is. It’s about relationships, getting on with people, having the trust of your client and the satisfaction of helping them overcome their legal issues.”

Originally considering a career in family law, Chaz found he had an aptitude for commercial and business law, both the academic challenge and the more human elements of this fascinating area.

“I genuinely enjoy helping people – and I enjoy being involved in the business world – helping people resolve their problems. Lawyers are sometimes much maligned – at Scope Legal we want to set the record straight.”

Chaz does deals very, very well. An expert negotiator, he has patience and tenacity… and he’ll work hard to ensure the best outcomes.

“In the commercial world, sometimes legal advisers forget that parties will have continuing business relationships after the deal.  Negotiate hard but fair.”

Being a business owner himself has given Chaz a greater understanding and insight into the challenges entrepreneurs face.

“Yes, we’re lawyers, but we’re trying to take care of people. Our clients have problems they need fixed and we try to fix them the best we can.”

Chaz has worked extensively around the world – here are just a few examples of his experience:

  • IPO of a technology company on the London Stock Exchange
  • Public takeovers, both hostile and friendly
  • Management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • Multi-million dollar sale of a world-famous television format
  • Commercial contracts, including public/private joint ventures
  • Private company M&A, acting for buyers and sellers
  • Private equity, acting for investors and for investee companies
  • Capital raising
  • Negotiating significant multi-year contracts for clients in the energy and resources sector
  • Preparing template documents and processes for clients
  • Over 100 other corporate deals

In his spare time, Chaz likes to play golf and keep fit. He’s fond of cooking up a storm – the more adventurous the better. He also enjoys reading and spending time with his family.



    PO Box 289
    Avoca Beach
    NSW 2251