Corporate and Transactional Law

So, you’re looking for a lawyer with lots of “big corporate deal” experience?

…but you don’t want to be charged big city firm prices?

At Scope Legal, our expertise and experience in corporate and transactional law are equally matched by our commitment to sealing the deal.

Expertise, experience and execution …

Deserve the community’s trust

At Scope Legal, we pride ourselves on a creative and results-driven approach to mergers and acquisitions that includes:

  • working closely with our clients to understand and minimise risk
  • understanding of tactics of bidders and targets
  • attention to detail with due diligence
  • experience in many different industries
  • good working relationships with our clients
  • responsiveness under pressure

So, whether you are a potential buyer, a target company or a major shareholder, at Scope Legal, we will deliver significant expertise on a full range of M&A transactions:

  • acquisitions and mergers
  • raising capital
  • private equity
  • public to private
  • divestments and demergers
  • schemes of arrangement

Buying or selling a business?

If you’re selling your business, you want to get the best return and close the deal quickly with as little disruption as possible.

And if you’re looking to buy a business, you need expert help with your legal due diligence, a properly drafted contract and appropriate warranty and indemnity protection.

Negotiate. Manage. Complete… stress free

We can help you prepare for, negotiate, manage and complete your business sale or purchase. From small local businesses to multinationals, it is our mission to make your transaction smooth and stress free – without blowing the budget.


We have the expertise and high-level legal skills to help you close your deal. Clients enjoy our:

  • negotiation skills to seal the deal
  • people skills to work closely with you as your trusted adviser
  • technical skills to protect your interests and assets
  • industry experience to negotiate across a diverse size and range of businesses

We also advise on technical details and compliance and intangible considerations such as personal exit strategies and succession planning.

Talk to us now about corporate and transactional law.





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