Business and Commercial Law

Here at Scope Legal, we are expert commercial and financial services lawyers… but we’re lawyers with a difference.

Because unlike other law firms, our focus isn’t on billable hours or units of time.

We invest in long-term relationships and partnerships with our clients, and it’s what sets us apart.

Helping businesses do business

Helping businesses do business

Chaz and the team at Scope Legal have decades of experience helping businesses do business.

Our passionate team is able to help with preparing, negotiating and reviewing your business contracts, including:

  • commercial contracts
  • joint ventures
  • investment agreements
  • shareholders’ agreements
  • supply or distribution contracts
  • commercial leases
  • business terms and conditions
  • privacy policies – and more
Scope Legal - Help you at every Stage

And we help you at every stage of the contract negotiation process:

  • Confidential information exchange
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract preparation and drafting

We undertake rigorous analysis of your proposed contract so that you are properly informed of the potential risks and outcomes.

We help you make the right decisions so you don’t waste your valuable time and resources fighting battles that just aren’t worth fighting.

“The longest contracts are not always the best. Sometimes lawyers can over-engineer a document. Let’s focus on what the client is trying to achieve.” ~ Chaz Dheer, Lawyer, Scope Legal

It’s not all about contract negotiation...

All About Contract Negotiation

Unlike other law firms, we recognise that a business may need more than just contract negotiation and legal advice. Many clients from around the country come to us for guidance around strategy… and as their trusted legal advisers, we are able to offer advice on risk and structure to develop the right strategy for them.

“We are passionate about bringing our breadth of experience to any business context.

It is our mission to help businesses navigate the many complexities of the modern legal landscape, to consider the best options, anticipate consequences and manage outcomes. We pride ourselves in being true partners to our clients.”



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